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Discover this emerging self-taught painter from the Montreal area.
Amélie Simoneau unveils sensitive, vibrant and original paintings with a mix of textures and colours in a real contemporary style!

Amélie seating doing peace
Paint texture ASIMO

Amélie Simoneau


Amélie is part of the new generation of self-taught and emerging painters following the impact of COVID-19 on mental health.


While she grew up in Brossard in a family with creative careers paths, our painter discovered a true passion for art during her childhood. Stored for years, Amélie is now putting her brushes to good use to create mesmerizing projects and evacute stress accumulated in attempting to reach a healthy work-life balance.

Amélie draws inspiration from her emotions and translates them into art.



Discover the painter in her element with original paintings presenting her daily sources of inspiration!


Creator of emotions, discover ASIMO's original art pieces in equally vibrant reproductions!


ASIMO offers a journey into your imagination with custom canvases created for you - tailored to your story!

Amélie and her artwork Love and Protect

as + i + am + open


ASIMO is the story of a young woman and mother of two kids who decided to embrace art therapy. For the first time, she revealed herself with courage and embraced new life experiences to offer her clients and collaborators original paintings filled with meaning and emotions. Autodidact painter based in Montreal, Amélie aims to create artwork with passion and open-mindedness to decorate the decor of art lovers.

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